H27 Backgrounder

H27 is an octane rock band that hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). The band consists of Steve Statler on vocals & guitar, Schack on guitars & backing vocals, Bobby Farr on vocals & drums and Ken Boggs on bass. The origin of H27 starts back in early 2008, when four guys who happened to be working for the same company met and decided to get together to jam. In the beginning, they played covers ranging from The Temptations to Megadeth. It only took one practice to spawn original material. With each member bringing in different influences and playing styles, it was obvious that their sound was unique. The band chose the name H27 based on a common place in their history. H27’s original bassist left claiming musical differences and the inability to commit to the band. H27 spent a lot of time and effort in finding the right bassist, but nobody quite fit. In May of 2017, Ken joined as H27’s new bassist brought a new element to their unique sound. H27 entered Cherry Pit Studios in December of 2017 to begin recording their EP “Verboten” and the full-length album “The Road to Nowhere”. They worked with Ryan Kutz and were finished recording in February 2018. H27 recorded the tracks in a total of 10 days. The tracks were mastered by Joel Wanasek. The album “The Road to Nowhere” was released in June of 2018. Be on the lookout for H27 and their unique brand of sonic indulgence.

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