Butterflies in Killing Jars Backgrounder

Artist: Butterflies In Killing Jars
Genre: Rock/Metal
Other Genre: 

Bio: Watch the video!! : )

“Butterflies In Killing Jars” is a brand spanking new band that fell together on accident. Paul Edelstein wanted to do a solo record after parting ways with his old band “Wrecked”. So during the “Raatz, Raz & Edelstein” file sharing writing sessions this little monster tune materialized. So instead of giving it back to Paul Randy kidnapped the little monster song and took it to Steve Boz of Chicago Style Wrestling Federation and filled him in on how CSW needed a killer theme song & music video! Boz being a genius signed on and being a long time wrestling fan since the 70’s Randy proceeded to whip up some wrestling themed lyrics to fit the song & CSW. Randy filled in Paul that if he wanted the song back he’d have to go get it back from “The Boz”! : 0  Paul made a wise decision to roll on “Chicago Style” : )   A “Chicago Style” wrestling song calls for “razorblades & gravel” vocals so Randy drafted his old bandmate from “Afflicted Brigade” Mike Meadows and the Butterflies were off & flying. The final butterfly is the young whipper snapper Michael Wells on bass.

Mike Meadows: Vocals
Randy Raatz: Guitar
Jonathan Raz: Guitar
Michael Wells: Bass
Paul Edelstein: Drums 

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