Black Gold Backgrounder

Powered by heavy guitar riffs and a quick footed drummer, Black Gold is an electrifying up and coming Rock Duo from nowhere Kentucky. Inspired by globally successful two piece bands like Royal Blood and The Black Keys, Black Gold wishes to get their sound to the masses. After losing their bass player, they knew it wasn’t time to call it quits. Their guitar player, Vincent Langdon, began experimenting with amps, octave pedals and ABY pedals. This led him to find his massive guitar sound which made up for the absence of not having a bassist. After officially becoming a two piece band, they noticed that their sound became both bigger and tighter. At David Barrick’s recording studio in Glasgow Kentucky, Black Gold recorded their latest EP “Explode” to show how much noise they produce as a two man band. They have plans to continue their journey with more music releases, live performances, music videos and especially focusing on working on their craft as a Rock Duo. So that when their time comes, they will be ready to join the roster of Kentucky artists representing their people and arts to the world!

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